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Research Media was moving on from being a publishing business to a creative communications agency, and the website needed a complete refresh to reflect that change. Fresh, bold branding was introduced that upheld a strong visual identity and a confident editorial style.

The website needed to be quite provocative; a video introduction to catch the users attention, large imagery to show off the agency's design ability, and well balanced text to deliver the narrative of the case studies.

The website was built on WordPress, with a completely bespoke theme. For easier and quicker development the local development site runs Gulp with a set of tasks and preprocessors to compile the SCSS and JS files along with optimisation of images. The files are then recorded in a GIT repository.

A custom feature of the site is a form component that gives access to downloadable content. The fields that are validated browser side and sanitized server side, with a Cookie being set for an easier user experience next time they download content. The site gets an A(93%) when ran through PageSpeed due to caching, only using essential minified scripts, and getting rid of WordPress bloat - among other things. The homepage has a CSS animation, with the video only being loaded if desktop is detected.

The website proved to be a huge success, and is often the playground for new ideas for the Research Media digital brand (it’s even got a game on the 404 page).

Produced whilst under the employment of Research Media.

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