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The ARMA conference is the largest conference for research managers and administrators in the UK with more than 70 session over 3 days. They initially required a website that would drive submissions, attract sponsors, and drive attendees but from further exploration it was discovered the site would also be used on the day to help attendees navigate and plan their conference and to hold slide decks and resources after the event, and to be reusable in future years.

The website is a bespoke theme built from scratch for WordPress. This was so that ARMA were able to update the site themselves, and to keep maintenance low by using as few plugins as possible.

Some highlights of the site are the AJAX loading programme, the speakers each having individual pages linked to the sessions, and some heavy lifting in the backend to make the site easier to update - as the user considerations in this project weren't just the people viewing the site, but also those updating it.

Produced whilst under the employment of Research Media.

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